Wealth Management

Stewart & Mackertich provides wealth management solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families & institutions, Stewart & Mackertich Wealth Management helps clients to build and preserve their financial wealth. As investors become more evolved and sophisticated in their requirements for financial products and services, delivery standards need to keep pace. Stewart & Mackertich provides a strong platform towards providing unique wealth management solutions.


Equity & Derivatives

Stewart &Mackertich caters equity broking services to niche clients, corporate and HNI’s. We are a strong proponent of research based decision making for equity investments and trading. Our Equity sales and dealers are trained in details to help investors take informed decisions in the market. Day traders and positional traders are given on line and offline technical support to generate apha-returns over a period of time.

Derivative strategists at Stewart &Mackertich generally help clients to protect their portfolio through various hedging strategies. Event related support is imparted to derivative traders/arbitrageurs which have impact on their returns.

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influenced by various factors. We track the fundamental trends in key commodities traded at exchanges and accordingly impart knowledge. We also believe that it is relatively easier to understand short term trends in key commodities due to the lesser number of commodities traded, instead of a basket of equities which are large in numbers.

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Currency hedging is essential in the increasing volatile scenario of foreign exchange due to various global factors. Stewart &Mackertich, against the back drop of dealing in foreign affairs and clients, has developed over the years expertise in guiding corporates against their currency exposure risk. Even traders with medium to short term outlook can capitalize of the volatilites in currency trades.

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Stewart &Mackertich offers depository services to Individuals and Corporates to hold their shares in electronic form as participant to two leading depositories, the National Securities Participant Ltd(NSDL) and Central Depositories Ltd (CDSL). We also offer recovering of dematerialized shares to physical forms through Repositories.

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